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The Eye to See




  • $250/hour
  • Includes family, senior, and band cover work – contact us for other portraits
  • Customer receives a website link to review proofs
  • Payment via check/cash/credit card due at time of session
  • Customer may have multiple clothing changes within that hour
  • Customer may also select from several other available packages within our Collection menu


  •  $225/hour
  • 2 hour minimum
  • Customer receives a USB drive with minimally edited, digital images from the event

Corporate Headshots

  • $50 each (5 Minimum or the $250/hr portrait fee will be assessed)
  • Location is customer choice
  • 10 - 15 shots per person
  • Customer receives a USB drive with the best selection of digitally retouched images

Commercial Images

Commercial image pricing will be determined by its usage.  Please call to inquire in regards to commercial imaging.

*Studio sessions add $25 per hour

*Travel outside of Denver Metro are will be extra

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The goal of any portrait session is to deliver you beautiful images to display in your home. Whether you choose canvas wall portraits, deluxe albums, or framed small prints, it is important to me that my client receives finished professional products to display. 

All collections include a selection of both digital images and professional prints. The printed collections begin at $350.

Digital Imaging Collection

  • Single Digital Image $25
  • Digital Photo Disc (15 Images) $250
  • Digital Photo Disc (30 Images) $400
  • Full Disc (All images from Session) $550

Printed Collection One $350

  • 15 Digital Images
  • (6) 5 X 7
  • (4) 8 X 10
  • (1) 11 X 14

Printed Collection Two $525

  • 30 Digital Images
  • (6) 5 X 7
  • (4) 8 X 10
  • (1) 11 X 14

Printed Collection Three $700

  • Full Disk of Digital Images
  • (8) 5 X 7
  • (5) 8 X 10
  • (2) 11 X 14

*Feel free to contact me in regards to A-LA Cart pricing or other means of display such as photobooks, boxes, and cards.

Portrait sessions are usually one hour. If it is not a studio shoot, there are several locations that we frequently use.  We are, however, willing to come to a location of your choice.  You are always welcome to bring props, pets, etc. that are special to you and your family.  It is important that the shots reflect your desired theme.

What To Wear

Color/patterns work well for babies and children! Your kids will be more relaxed and happy if they are comfortable, so clothes that are cute and casual work great. For boys, jeans and bright, fun colors work well for casual shots. Girls look nice in sundresses or sweaters during the cooler seasons. Wardrobe changes are encouraged!  

For family sessions, pick a color palette of two or three colors and work within those colors for everyone. Patterns are encouraged! Texture and patterns add visual interest to a photo and can also be used to show individual personalities. 

Some color combos that work well: 

Blues, greys, and browns

Ivory, brown, and pink

Navy and green

Also, think about where you might want to hang a large print. It might be a good idea to coordinate your clothes to the room where you want to hang the picture!  

Senior Sessions

Senior portraits are our favorites!  At your session, feel free to bring anything that defines who you are as a senior...school jerseys, your car, your dog, even your best friend! We shoot with a casual, modern style that we hope you'll love, and it's always our goal to let your pictures show the real you.

Senior sessions last up to two hours and include multiple outdoor locations. We usually have time for roughly five outfits in that timeframe. Senior girls are given the option of splitting their session between two days (an hour each day) if they want to do two different hairstyles.